A Closer Look into Evan Sharboneau’s Trick Photography Book Review and Special Effects E-book

Pleasant day to all!

Let me first express my utmost gratitude for you coming over on my blog site to have some fair yet sincere review on Evan Sharboneau’s Trick Photography and Special Effects e-book. I have personally read and applied the trick pictures book contents and find it very helpful, nevertheless, amusing. It gave me lots of artistic ideas, inspiring me to do something more to what is conventional.

I further hope that, like me, you could get fresher ideas and techniques in your photography career/ hobby as you are about to grab yourself a copy of the e-book; for that I am pretty sure.

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What is the E-book all about?

The lessons in this “ultimate guide” on trick photography are generally structured in a three-module program starting with preliminaries on the important tools one has to use in the entire expanse of the methods discussed in the e-book; a DLSR camera, lenses, a tripod, and a trick photography software. Each module contains extensive methods and techniques provided correspondingly with cool sample images from the archive of the author’s works and some other from his colleagues.

Module One discusses Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting. It will be discussed here some of the specific concepts in creating light painting techniques like inverting, camera tossing, writing texts, orb creations and so with the light sources; laser pens, glow sticks, fire, steel wools! etc.

In the following modules, you will also find more exciting and sometimes mind-boggling trick photography ideas; not only that, you will also discover or enhance more your skills in photography special effects utilizing Photoshop software.

As being mentioned earlier about light paintings, you will also learn to do trick photo aside from using those hand-held materials. Evan will show you how to do it with “natural light sources,” like star trails.



The photo trick is simply called “star trail tricks” under the Multiple Exposure Method. The shots were taken during a clear night sky, probably between 9:30 to 1:30 AM. After having taken over 400 frames, where each frame were exposed 30 seconds long and the lens set at 18m ISO 200, it was then compiled in a Startrails software and further adjusted in a trick photography software.


Needlessly to say, there are a lot of learn photography book out there in the market today but what sets apart Evan’s Trick Photography and Special Effects is its extensive discussion with each of the given methods in every module, complete with illustrations and the “behind the scenes” frames so that the reader will absolutely figure out how it was done. The language being used can also be easily understood.

Moreover, Evan Sharboneau, himself a trick photography and photo-manipulation practioner, has been successful with his intentions in imparting to professionals and enthusiasts alike his expertise in the field; further presenting experimental yet fresh trick photography ideas for inspiration to feed our creativity and artistic expressions.

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How to Capture Your Own Jazzy Streaks of the City Lights: A Subtopic to the Trick Photography Book Review

One of the most common or rather classic examples of long exposures trick photography shots are the city and speeding traffic lights.





The bright, yet colorful speeding lights of city life always give us this jazzy, cozy feeling that rose above the seemingly mechanical way of living. I had myself fallen into this fascination once. I was into this notion before that the city and what it is made up are nothing but simple heaps of gray materials for its inhabitants to live in and metal caskets to transport them back and forth. No sooner have I changed my opinion on this when a friend showed me his city lights captures and I was into it since then.

The concept behind capturing city lights and speeding traffic lights is long exposure. This is where your camera’s shutter speed is set in manual or in a BULB mode. If you hold your finger down the shutter for about 10 seconds then you will get a 10-second amount of exposure and so with 30 seconds, 50 seconds and so on. This explains the phenomenon why you can’t see actual cars in this kind of images because with the time amount of exposure, the bodies of the cars that are in constant motion had not enough light to shine on them; where the light is responsible for the object’s visibility. All you have to remember when taking this trick photo shots with your camera firmly fastened to a tripod to make sure that the shutter will not move or be moved about while it is open for that long exposure. After which, you will do some photo-manipulation on a trick photography software.


For more of this “light painting” and long exposure trick photography ideas, you might want to check some trick pictures book available for download. Enjoy snapping!

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An Inside Look on Evan Sharboneau’s Trick Photography Book

Greetings everyone!

All the pleasantries in life be with you. Let me thank you first for checking in on my blog site for a review on Evan Sharboneau’s the Trick Photography and Special Effects e-book. Let me assure you that every insight that I have to give about Evan’s book are certainly based on my honest and fairly balanced opinions I had made after reading the e-book.

Getting Inside the Contents

The e-book is basically an instructional material for those photography professionals or enthusiasts in making full use of their DLSR cameras and trick photography software to produce cool images by way of the special trick photography ideas and techniques stated in the e-book. What is likely to find here is a three-module program packed with the coolest (and the conventional as well) techniques in trick photography and photo-manipulation. The lessons that are herewith has actually been tested and practiced by the author himself. You can always visit Evan’s PhotoExtremist site to view some of his works. However, the e-book itself contains such amazing images from the author’s works and some from his colleagues; they primarily serve as illustration for each corresponding given method, making it easy for you to figure out the expected outcome for a particular technique.

The techniques and methods I have been talking about may range from long exposure effects to light painting, in-camera illusions to high-dynamic range images, up to a number of Photoshop projects. Also included here is some of the famous trick photo that surely had boggled your mind on how it was done – the Head in the Pot effect.


Goofy but fun to look at! And the image could really tickle out your curious mind. This photo-manipulation technique is particularly called layer masking. As what the e-book had described the manipulation process, it is simply a procedure where the mask hides certain areas and reveals the desired areas to be shown and emphasized. You got to have a number of shots for the layering to work. It should look like this:


However, you need to take these initial pictures with the camera mounted firmly on a tripod to obtain consistency of the framing, and so with the lights. You’ll found out more of these crazy images plus more of other methods and techniques in the Trick Photography and Special Effects e-book.

Here’s more for the teasers.












Some Considerations

Due to the structured nature of instructing of this trick pictures book, it is highly suggested to read and apply the techniques in an orderly manner as the lessons progresses. Jumping from one photo trick technique to the other will only bring difficulties in your learning. However, as person of hunger for knowledge and skill, it is unlikely to occur. The aim here is to have a gradual and step-by-step learning to achieve a more solid foundation on the said endeavor.

The Catch

I am confident to tell you that this isn’t just your ordinary learn photography book that are just full of bluffs. With a long period of practice and experience, Evan Sharboneau was able to impart in this e-book the very essence of his expertise in trick photography and photo-manipulation to create photography special effects set in a very friendly, straight to the point manner of teaching. Practitioners and upcoming photography artists will be amazed how much amount of knowledge and ideas they can get from the Trick Photography and Special Effects e-book. With the right tools, ample amount of skill, a knack for creativity, plus this “ultimate guide” the sky is the limit for what you can achieve in this profession/hobby. Enjoy snapping!

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